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26-Jan-2019 01:33

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Both are divorced parents, for starters; Jeff Prescott has three children of his own. Prescott previously spoke out about Kate and said that he’s gotten to know her for “who she really is,” and apparently, he really likes what he sees.

Both Kate and Jeff are very hard workers and always go the extra mile to make sure work is done, and that it is done right. “She’s a single mother with a deadbeat father in the picture and eight kids.

but first, they gotta be able to handle the 8 that go along with it. with a list of celebs who will be duking it out this season. READ MORE Kate Gosselin won't be dragging her 13-year-old daughters out on TV anytime soon -- not after the twins logged on to just as she needed them to start blabbing. telling TMZ the whole thing was "horrible" to watch. READ MORE Kate Gosselin's attempt to show how great things are going for her kids blew up in her face on live TV this morning ...

Kate was out in NYC promoting her return to TLC with "Kate Plus 8" when she mused about… READ MORE Jon Gosselin showed up to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin's yard sale Saturday in Pennsylvania ...

Christian Post reported on Gosselin's relationship with Prescott in addition to some background on the millionaire, writing: Prescott is the CEO of Dreamtime, an Internet based stockpile and supplier of digital images for media outlets and both corporate and personal clientele. Gosselin's low-key relationship with Prescott reportedly began in October, and she was spotted on dates with him in New York City between taking care of her eight children.

I feel really in my element taking on something like this ...

Her twins aren’t just stressing her out with boys, either.

“I’ve heard the 15-year-old girl thing is scary and get ready. They do know everything [now though] and they tell me how to dress…and even in terms of dating, all the advice, they’ve never even gone on a date!

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but especially when your kids don't want anything to do with you.

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