Who is claudia jordan dating

09-Oct-2018 04:36

The eight hour-long episodes, which features real estate millionaire Shawn Bullard, will follow the fine specimen as he sifts through 24 beautiful women in order to find his one true love.

But, the twist is that Bullard will rely on the guidance and spiritual eye of Indianapolis Colts spiritual advisor, Pastor Ken Johnson, to help him with his search for a potential wife.

"I have never seen Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes together, ever.

I guess people are really wanting someone to confirm this and I’m sorry it’s not coming from me," Jordan said.

version of Deal or No Deal and The Price Is Right, and for competing on seasons 2 and 6 of Celebrity Apprentice.

Jordan was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to a mother from Italy and an African-American father. Claudia Jordan was a sprinter and earned all-state honors in track and field while in high school in Rhode Island.

Maybe Jamie and/or Katie will now confirm their coupling themselves!

The hosts were asking Jordan about her past flings, and that’s when Foxx’s name came up. Never [hooked up with him].” As for his relationship with Holmes, Jordan said point-blank, “He is very happy with her so…

According to Straight From The A.com, the two were spotted back in November 2014 at a local Atlanta nightclub all boo’d up. Though Foxx, 48, once denied that he was dating his former friend Tom Cruise's ex-wife, Holmes, 37, was spotted wearing what many believed to be an engagement ring. Foxx was even spotted in Toronto where Holmes is filming The Kennedys: After Camelot. __ UPDATE: After causing a firestorm on the Internet, Claudia Jordan is now peddling back on her reported confirmation that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating. Sorry to not have this bombshell story, but I can not confirm that." Sounds like someone made a little phone call to Jordan, if you ask us...The reality star issued a statement that she "misspoke," and has never seen Foxx and Holmes together. Update: Jordan now claims she “misspoke” and she’s “never even seen them together — ever.” Well then! News, the rumored celebrity coupling of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is official. Katie and Jamie have been rumored to be dating for literally years, but neither has ever confirmed the relationship.

Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan, of all people, confirmed the news on the Allegedly podcast today, commenting that her “good friend” Jamie is very happy with Katie. In January, Katie was photographed wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger, so that could mean … "I've never seen them together, he's never told me he's dating her." She adds, "I don't have the knowledge of this being fact, I don't." Sounds like Jamie wasn't too pleased with Claudia's loose lips! ET): Even in her post-, and though she denied once dating actor Jamie Foxx, the 43-year-old revealed her “good friend” is, in fact, dating Katie Holmes.