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17-Dec-2018 14:50

A boolean value specifies whether to highlight grid rows on hover.

A boolean value specifies whether sorting is allowed.

This was my scenario: I had created a remote event receiver that was attached to a document library and was supposed to act whenever an item in the list was updated.

The initialization of the event receiver looks like this: And all was fine in the world.

Instead of writing more paragraphs I can use tabular to explain, I think this will be easy to understand.

Each event method has a SPItem Event Properties parameter named properties.

At your disposal on SPRemote Event Properties you have after Properties and before Properties, found by doing this: And those were the key to the problem: how to act on the firing only when the user changes something and not when it updates itself? If we look at our example of creating a custom Content Type for “Functional Specifications”, we could extrapolate it to many different types of documents typically used in an enterprise, e.g. In this article we’ll continue where we left off and see how we can add a hook in Share Point and enhance the content creation and approval process to make it more valuable to end users.Specific field options depends on concrete field type. A boolean value specifies whether editing is allowed.

A boolean value specifies whether to show inserting row or not.What if these documents were to require review and approval?