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Our tools are used by academic researchers to collect data not available from other sources to test new and complex hypotheses about factors influencing stock prices and corporate governance.Governance professionals use our tools to help them develop solid recommendations for their clients and corporate clients use our data to more quickly keep track of compensation changes happening with their competitors and peers.In September 2012, Shkreli notified both funds’ investors that he was winding down the funds, that he had doubled their investments net of fees, and that investors could have their interests redeemed for cash, even though the funds had no money.At trial, Shkreli’s attorney argued that the hedge funds’ investors had not only received all of their money back but made significant profits.

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Shkreli had been charged with two counts of securities fraud, three counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, and three counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud for operating a sophisticated Ponzi scheme in which he looted the assets of his pharmaceutical company to pay off defrauded investors in his hedge funds.

at-the-money options, with an exercise price equal to the market price on the grant date, were the most popular form of share-based compensation.

Companies typically used the alternative intrinsic value method to value those options; with a grant-date intrinsic value of zero, the company recognized no compensation expense. 123(R), companies have had to recognize an expense equal to the option’s grant-date fair value.

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123(R) began requiring companies to recognize an expense equal to the grant-date fair value of options awarded as compensation, there has been a significant change in share-based payments to employees.