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15-Jan-2019 02:20

In 2015, the penetration rate grew to 68%, representing a year-over-year growth of 24% (see Figure 1).This gain in smartphone owners is a significant one that demonstrates how quickly the mobile revolution is progressing.As smartphone penetration grows, so too does the demand for newer replacement models.

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The real story, however, is not in how mobile is growing, but rather how it is changing.

Grace and Lamb established Legion praesidia throughout the country.

The Legion was well received in Colombia, especially by the poor, brought many people back to the Catholic faith, and later expanded to other parts of South America.

For our follow-up study, we again surveyed just over 1,100 smartphone owners in Canada to uncover changes in the mobile landscape.

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This paper introduces the results of the new study and discusses its implications for brands.

Our research reveals that as the Canadian mobile landscape expands, it is evolving in significant – and unexpected – ways. It comes as no surprise that smartphone ownership is growing in Canada; what is surprising is the rate at which it is growing.