Married dating in claymont delaware

20-Mar-2019 00:44

THE FIRST MEETING: Amy Ambrosino and Chris Miko met in late summer 2007.

She was 18, a recent high school graduate working retail and living at home in the Breckenridge subdivision of Wilmington. She and her friend, Lily Iada, were going out for a casual evening. Their first stop was Walmart, where Lily received a panicked call from their friend Jason Rash.

He was 20 and working at the waste disposal company that served her neighborhood. He had locked his keys in his car at 7-11 and they were threatening to tow it.

She had just run out to her car when she heard someone yell “hey” at her from the back of the garbage truck. Lily and Amy went to his apartment to see if they could get in and retrieve a spare set of keys, but had no luck.

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He had been impressed that she handled his harassment. But Chris persisted and Lily finally gave him the number. It took hours of endless texting but Amy finally agreed to a date.

“I'm a big believer in the Golden Rule, which asks that we treat others the way we would like to be treated,” Carper said.

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