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It’s worth bearing in mind however, that perhaps she sells more of her records with this withholding approach and moreover, creates a more personal relationship with those who’ve had to make a concerted effort to seek her out and spend their hard earned money on becoming involved with her musical world.

The £35 or so ticket price certainly hasn’t put off around a thousand people who’ve come to take in her live show at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow tonight (2 March).

This wasn’t a play-until-your-fingers-bleed onslaught; it was more considered, more cerebral and, dare we say it, more grown-up.

, Fleet Foxes aligned themselves with a class of folk musicians trying to expand the genre.

Coy ‘whoops' are called out to greet the few old favourite Fleet Foxes' songs, sung in a striped back style, as Glasgow is stunned into politeness.

In anticipation of the pitch-perfect Portland parody program's return, we've rounded up the show's 15 best sketches that skewer hipster life in all its glorious facets.

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Fleet Foxes will release Crack-Up June 16 on Nonesuch Records, which they've teased with its sprawling first single "Third of May / Ōdaigahara.” That's nearly a month after this Portland show, so unless they announce even earlier dates elsewhere in the US, our city might be the first to hear the new record live.

Some feature indie all-stars, some feature obscure music references, and all of them hit too close to home.

Joanna Newsom and the Small Hatchback With guest stars J.

There's a sense that her live shows might just be the best place to find out. Interviews are rare and she seems to prefer to avoid the PR machine that has become such a large part of the music industry.

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It’s not easy to casually come across her music either, on any of the more popular streaming platforms that people use these days for music discovery - she doesn’t want anything to do with them and maybe she’s got a point.Their songs incorporated folk’s most traditional components—lush harmonies, gently strummed acoustic guitars, bucolic imagery—but emboldened them within music that refused to stay in one place.