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Supernanny Jo Frost has revealed she is making plans to have a child of her own at the age of 42. I think that would be marvellous." And she won't rule out IVF or surrogacy either.TV star Jo is engaged to her American boyfriend of three years, and after a decade travelling the world living out of a suitcase, she revealed they are discussing starting a family. She said: "There are lots of wonderful options out there.Since the patriarch closed the bedroom door, all viewers can hear is the cries and screams of the boy inside the bedroom.Obviously, this is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people and that's why Frost decided to air the episode anyways.She then had success with her follow-up shows, Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance and Family SOS with Jo Frost.Since then she has written a string of best-selling parenting books.

" Supernanny ran for seven series and was shown in almost 50 countries. Insiders say the father of the family originally called the show because his three kids listened to him and not their mother.The dad hoped an intervention from Jo would help increase overall respect in the home. Frost claims she had to call DCFS after viewing footage of the father disciplining his son for using his cell-phone charger.I feel like I worked really hard to get where I am. Prior to the show, families underwent taped interviews about the nature of their difficulties, to be addressed during the talk show.

It was announced in January 2015 that Frost's production company, Nanny Jo Productions, partnered with Strix Television to produce Nanny on Tour.

As for the family in question, DCFS subsequently found no wrongdoing.