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31-Mar-2019 03:19

Isabelle won the World Poker Tour Ladies Event in 2004 and thanks to her aggressive style earned the nickname 'No Mercy.' Poker Stars scouts spotted her and offered her one of the best sponsor contracts in the poker world today.Poker News caught up with Mercier in Amsterdam, where she commented on, among other things, her breakthrough Poker Stars deal: Mercier: It was a dream come true.The youngest generation is always there, year after year, and like in any other sport or discipline, they are the toughest ones to beat and they break records!!!My favorite place to play is without a doubt the Salle des Étoiles at the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo.I thought time would go really fast, because when I play online I don't see time. I barely slept two hours, but now I have adrenaline and want to play again. This was my first open-face Chinese live poker tournament in, so I was really looking forward to it." Mercier maintains she has a new love of OFC and doesn't enjoy, nor play, other forms of poker anymore. I really feel like I have an edge on most of the players not understanding the progressive format." Mercier battled it out with Germany's Frank Gohletr for several hours heads-up in the wee hours of the morning and shared that the experience was both enjoyable and frustrating.When I start playing, I asked, 'What, I have been playing for four hours already? But live you can really feel the 14 hours and it doesn't go fast at all because you have to think all the time and count all the time." Regardless of how hard the tournament was getting to on time and the difficulties in playing live versus online, it seems Mercier is thankful she made the decision to head out to Prague. "Gohletr was super nice, but was un-killable," elaborated Mercier.First of all, I live right beside so I can make it to the tournament in 5 minutes walking.

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The hat she wears makes her look like a young girl who just happens to be good at playing with chips, rather than an impressive young poker star with a growing string of major tournament successes.

I would definitely say that poker is a TOUGH WAY TO MAKE AN EASY LIVING!!!