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Before a career in broadcast television, she served as an assistant district attorney at the San Francisco and Los Angeles District Attorney's Offices.

As managing attorney of the trial division in San Francisco, she was co-prosecutor in the case "People v.

Noel and Knoller," a second-degree murder trial involving a dog mauling, which received national and international attention and was chronicled on NBC's Dateline, A&E's American Justice, and, most recently, on Animal Planet's Animal Witness.

She also served as former First Lady of San Francisco in 2003.

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Prior to FNC, Guilfoyle served as a legal analyst for ABC News and was featured regularly on ABC's Good Morning America.

She has covered major legal cases, including those involving O. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Natalee Holloway, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson.

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