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Welcome to Furry Mate, where real relationships begin! Then check out some of these guys and gals to see what great success they have achieved thanks to Furry Mate.

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A survey conducted in 2007 suggested that, when compared with a non-furry control group, a higher proportion of those self-identifying as furries liked cartoons "a great deal" as children and recalled watching them significantly more often, as well as being more likely to enjoy works of science fiction than those outside of the community.

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There are even those that would make hundreds of different pages, simply for the lulz. now sockpuppetry has a new name, a master of the SUPAR SEKRIT alternate account. (AKA Firecat Patrick Sullivan) is a 20 year old furfag from Lake City Florida.He is recognized by the furry fandom for his various comics and pics of him fucking his sister.He brags about this to everybody that he can as often as he can.I've been writing furry stories since the days of Yiffstar, or from around early 2009. I have written 550 posted stories in the past 3 years, and I tend to be quite prolific, so watching me is probably the best option to keep up to date with my latest output! I am heading to Germany to breathe in some Central European air and see what the world looks like beyond the borders of Finland.

I am a fun-loving Finnish tiger, incidentally, even if our national emblem has the lion on it. While I often write naughty stories because people like them and they are fun, my main focus is on character development, drama, and fun. I think this will be a nice time off, and I hope it'll be splendid time.You can also choose to follow the anthros you like and stay informed of what they publicly share with My Newsfeed.

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Despite the rest of the cast, past and present, reuniting to celebrate the show’s success, Charlotte is nowhere to be seen and her representatives explain that she has food poisoning. ‘I wanted to settle down with Charlotte, I told her I wanted us to be together, I gave her everything, but she didn’t want it…’ he reveals. There’s so much that’s happened in our private time. However, we never put a label on it like ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ and we’re not. In the reunion show, you will see I gave her everything, I took her on romantic dates and bought her flowers, and then she f**ked up. I have been away for three weeks, I’ve had no phone and I came back to see a lot of stuff has gone on and so I want to speak to her. So if you were never together then what was really happening? … continue reading »

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