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He once wrote a short memoir in which he described himself in the third person, with the formality usually reserved for China's most famous writers.Evan Osnos There's a deep underlying unpredictability to life that is thrilling.There has been talk of a "golden age" of Western reporting on China, as news organisations plough resources into the emerging Asian superpower and resourceful young writers head east.If that's true – and it probably is – Evan Osnos, a former China correspondent for The New Yorker magazine, has been among those mining precious journalistic metal in recent years.Age of Ambition is an extended cultural and political trawl through modern China, reflecting Osnos's eight years reporting on the country.It's a story, essentially, about people: the people swept up in the cult-like enthusiasm for learning English; the Chinese journalists trying to expose corruption but careful not to push their investigations too far for fear of being shut down; the self-confident young nationalists determined to defend China against Western intellectual subversion.Evan Osnos: This is one of the things that’s thrilling about China’s metamorphosis, which is really what it is. When I lived in Beijing in 1996, it was a horizontal city.If you wanted to go out for a burger, if you wanted to really treat yourself, you went to this place called the Jianguo Hotel.

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In 2002, he was assigned to the Middle East, where he covered the Iraq War and reported from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere. Osnos joined The New Yorker in September 2008 and served as the magazine’s China Correspondent until 2013.

He meets gamblers, internet entrepreneurs, old-school dissidents, Christian preachers, Buddhist monks, even a poetry-composing street sweeper.

He hangs out with the superstar blogger and racing driver Han Han and spends time with the radical artist Ai Weiwei.

When Evan Osnos first arrived in Beijing as a college student in 1996, China was a different country. “Cameras had failed to convey how much closer it was, in spirit and geography, to the windswept plains of Mongolia than to the neon lights of Hong Kong,” Osnos writes of that time in , his new book on modern China. Two years later, Osnos returned for a summer to find that a feverish desire to consume—houses, Cokes, meat—had taken hold.

Despite nearly 20 years of economic reforms and opening up to the West, Chinese people still rejected imports like Hollywood and Mc Donald’s.Osnos becomes a confidant of the establishment economist Justin Yifu Lin and the well-connected publisher Hu Shuli.

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