Dating tips for visually impaired

01-Sep-2018 19:52

I’ve also had sighted men ask how they can attract a blind woman.Blind women are the same as any women out there, so there’s no one answer to that question.As Robin puts it, she’s not a blind person…she’s a person who happens to be blind.Just like any other female there are certain attributes that she looks for in a mate, and whether they can see or not is not on her list.

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That, or use your speech software to look up the menu online ahead of time. We’ve talked about experiencing other things on dates, like going to concerts, and I think we’ll be doing that together soon.

Transportation becomes a problem sometimes – you can’t exactly stay out until 2am and drive home – but working on things together like figuring out schedules for trains and buses has helped me gain a different sort of independence.

I visit Joe at his college every other weekend, and I take the train back and forth to Northern Illinois University by myself.

On the other hand, if your date turns out to be an obnoxious loser, your hands are tied and you’ll have to endure them for the rest of the evening.

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] But all said and done, all of us should experience at least one blind date in our lives.

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