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”I smiled, hesitated and said, “Some of us haven’t had a date in 30 years.

We’re out of practice.”Of course, there were a lot more answers to Matt’s question than that one.

Some were intent on finding another lifemate in short order, while others seemed more interested in sampling different personalities and lifestyles.

Internet dating puts all options on the table, and a growing number of sites cater to the more mature singles crowd.

TORONTO – Dating is daunting at any age, but particularly so for individuals approaching their golden years who find themselves suddenly single following the end of their marriage or death of their spouse.

In her new e-book “Women nowadays of 50, 60 and 70 are not the yesteryear women of that age group.

Gibson devotes an entire chapter in the book to the subject, and writes that while it can be “frustrating, expensive and a minefield of misrepresentation,” there isn’t another method that can connect later daters with other singles in their preferred age range as successfully.

Gibson said prospective daters should also approach the process as they would a job search in terms of how they package or market themselves as well as how they research potential avenues for dating, like online sites.

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Most wanted to push past the introductory emails and calls to schedule a get-together ASAP.

She writes that an image update can be a confidence and self-esteem booster, whether it’s new clothes, a fresh hairstyle or kickstarting a new diet and fitness regimen.

Those feeling shy or uncertain about posting a photo online, for example, may want to seek out the advice of an image consultant for suggestions, she noted.

I was nervous; the show was being broadcast across the country.

dating after 50 book-5

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When Matt sat down across from me, he asked, “Why is dating after 50 so difficult?“These women live full, rich lives without being obsessed with finding a partner.