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Closely related linguistically, these peoples are separated by historical and cultural factors the ultimately led to the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Bread and side salads are eaten with starters and main courses.

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At one point, he accidentally hit my glass of orange juice and its content splashed all over my pants.As I typed this Conversation yesterday, I received a text message from my New York-based journalist-friends Raoul Tidalgo and Edmund Silvestre, saying, "Tickets to Gary’s show at Atlantic City tomorrow night (last night, Manila time) are sold out.Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia) former country of SE Europe, the Balkan Peninsula.Pure Energy) was in 1984 at the old Tavern on the Square (Makati City).

He had just survived the biggest test of his career – that is, his having gotten Angeli Pangilinan pregnant (out of wedlock although they got married not long after), an otherwise private incident that became a national issue, threatening to nip Gary’s career in the bud.

Traditional food includes soups, stews, smoked meats, minced meat (cevapcici and meatballs). Fruit and nuts are used in desserts, for example, strudels, pancakes and pastries.